Refunds & Rebate Policy

Our refund and rebate request policy comprises of the following:

A full refund or rebate request of monies paid via paypal payments, using a UK debit, credit or charge card will be investigated and completed in no more than 30 days from payment. All payments made under the paypal cart, paypal express cart and paypal here terminals, are covered by our own 30 day refund & rebate request policy. We endevour to ensure that all bookings made via our web booking, telephone booking & driver terminal access devices, are dealt with in a timely and professional manner. This applies if any request is made within the above 30 days time frame. All claims for such, that are deemed to be a result of an internal error on our bookings system, will be classed as cancellations. A refund or part rebate will be offered only to the debit card / credit cards used in the paypal transaction, at the time of booking or journey completion.

For further information on this policy, please call: 01245 355 555 anytime.